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What the Reds can learn

Just before Euro 2012 this summer, the French (and Newcastle) player Yohan Cabaye said that the thing he was most concerned about for the summer tournament was Steven Gerrard. In the end France and England drew 1-1 in their 11 June game, but the Frenchman made a good point when he said “Steven Gerrard is a very important player, very powerful and an inspirational player, a leader.” Although the Reds are out of the Champions league, we’re still in with a chance in the Europa league which will probably involve taking on some French teams.

English footballing style has often been described as the British Bulldog approach to the sport: dogged, practical and without too much flair, while the French (in the Eighties at least) were described as ‘the Brazilians of football’, with a style that was elegant, technically advanced, and overall, skillful. Alongside chess, perhaps poker can be described as the most tactical of games. Continue reading