2005 Champions League Final Liverpool Football Figurines

Liverpool Fan’s Video Rating: four / 5

25 responses to “2005 Champions League Final Liverpool Football Figurines

  1. Some of the defending was a bit statuesque there. 

  2. Fantastic !!! You’ll Never Walk Alone

  3. great job mate, hope you enjoyed the great win against Spurs!

  4. Am I the only one who didn’t like this? But nice job on the soundtracks..

  5. Owner of this video is Cheah? From Malaysia right? How can I get his email?
    Callum, please hit me through my email qimie_liverpoolfc@yahoo.com
    regarding figurines you sell. thanks.

  6. haha well done mate very creative

  7. hi, send me a list and i’ll see what I got. I have 1000’s.

  8. Even by watching this, i still get goosebumps. You’ll Never Walk Alone!

  9. congratulations bro. what a creative idea and u’re so lucky to be picked as
    the winner by our great captain, steven gerrard. plus, to watch a Liverpool
    match which ended a comeback win will be unforgettable memories.

  10. congrats for the win.. the video is really creative.. i bet u had fun at

  11. Good luck bro, very creative. You’ll Never Walk Alone!

  12. ynwa liverpool forever

  13. so creative lolol YNWA mate

  14. i’m quite interested

  15. What;s Balotelli doing there? 00:57 XD

  16. this video is class and epic haha

  17. Chitsanupong Apiwuttipong

    อยากได้สแตนไมโครอ่ะคร้าบ ซื้อที่ไหนเอ่ย

  18. heard that gerrard likes this

  19. Congratz bro! YNWA

  20. Great jobs and share ur experience to all the msians fans…

  21. serius creative !

  22. I’m selling loads of Microstars, including Liverpool one’s are you
    interested? Thanks.

  23. congratulations!!

  24. event its just the figurines….. its touched me…. YNWA

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