Carragher Accepts Fine

The soccer school of Jamie Carragher are thinking an offer of financial backing to the Longford GAA club which has been fined €2000 for letting their fields to be used to arrange one of the schools operated by the ex Liverpool defender in the previous August.

The appeal of Dromard GAA club against the fine has been found out of order as it was presented previous week outside the 3-day window let for in GAA regulation. The club took the 3-day windowpane to be 3 ‘working’ days’ but this is 3 days from the time and date of notification.

A leading Ireland based newspaper stated that Jamie Carragher has been updated on a regular basis on developments as well as with the appeal path now fatigued, his school might be all set to help with the whole fine thing.

When this news broke eleven days ago, Jamie’s school revealed a statement to Irish Independent stating that they would meet to talk about what help it could offer to the club concerned. The GAA’s Management Committee imparted the suit against Dromard under 5.1 rule that regularizes the use of Association property as well as originally advised ¤3000 before Central Hearings Committee cut it down. A local football club from Cavan, UCL AFC, arranged the 3-day tournament.

It’s not the first time Carragher has been in trouble with various FAs, and probably won’t be the last!? He was memorably fined and banned for throwing a coin into the crown whilst playing for the Reds, and also did his fair share on controversial tackles. Liverpool would love to have a player of his fight and determination back right now however, as some bookmakers on the web have made them over 20/1 to make it into the top four, and win a Champions League spot.

The GAA has ‘sent’ some critical review for the pursuit of the suit that is the first of its type to be taken against a club, with many of those reviews asking the fine in the context of the money conjured up by arranging gigs concerts in the Croke Park.

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