Emre Can – Preseason Compilation | Liverpool FC | 2014 | HD

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25 responses to “Emre Can – Preseason Compilation | Liverpool FC | 2014 | HD

  1. The future of our midfield!

  2. Gerrard, Can, Hendo, Coutinho, Sterling as a midfield 5 with Sturridge as a
    lone striker is frightening. We just need a bit more quality to replace
    Sturridge because I’m not sure that Lambert will cut it. Defensively I’d
    like to see us play Flanagan or Manquillo (i’m not sure if he’s any good),
    Skrtel & Lovren with Enrique at left back. I hope Johnson never wears the
    LFC shirt again and unfortunately it seems like there’s little room for
    Agger anymore. Ilori will probably go out on loan again too. Alternatively
    we could have three at the back with Sakho, Skrtel and Lovren. Toure is
    just there for the motivational support.

  3. Mark my word, by the age of 25 he will defiantly be one of our best players
    and a crucial player for Germany. What a young talent this boy is. Now he
    got to prove tho form in the Premier and Champions league.

  4. phil coutinho is a must, and raheem aswell :)


    Great video!

  6. I know we have countless brilliant young players with potential…but Emre
    Can is the one I am most looking forward to watching this season and seeing
    his development in the coming years. For some reason I have no worries
    where he is concerned. I am fully confident he will be great for us.

  7. Ibe, Sterling, Markovic, Can, Henderson, Coutinho, Flanagan, Manquillo in 5
    years= best team in the world. You heard it here first!

  8. outmuscling balotelli jesus he will be a bloody monster in 5 yrs 

  9. Yehhhh……………erm I think the LFC Family makes too many videos!!

  10. Great to see a new video from you. Love your content. LFC / YNWA.

  11. Song?great vid

  12. Very good young player

  13. Here’s my starting xi
    Flanagan sakho lovren Enrique

    Hendo can


    Sterling sturridge markovic

    Reason for no gerrard is cuz he is a defensive liability and he is too
    error prone. I’d rather give can a chance instead of rotting a talented
    player on the bench like kagawa for Man U . Plus I can see him developing
    into a yaya toure type of player some day

  14. where’s Raheem’s compilation ?


  16. Georgia Carter-Daggett

    Nice to see a strong midfielder but he’s a bit clumsy but its only pre

  17. Always enjoying your videos, congrats.

  18. Kris Peterson pre-season compilation next please!

  19. Didn’t think he was this good until I saw this!!

  20. Best video of emre can yet!

  21. Henderson is 24 years old and Can is 20 years old….

  22. Video on Emre Can during preseason, comment below on what other videos
    you’d like to see from me, I will do my best to make them!

  23. very good Player

  24. Mental to think he’s only 20

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