EUROPEAN NIGHTS | Anfield | Liverpool Football Club

Liverpool Fan’s Video Ranking: four / five

25 responses to “EUROPEAN NIGHTS | Anfield | Liverpool Football Club

  1. “and he scored he scored, and I went ‘YES, YES, YES!” – Phil Thompson,

  2. 4:21 – 4:27 – The power of Anfield. City, you’ll be facing that when your
    at Anfield on the 25th. Be ready.

  3. In all honesty, I actually wanna cry a little after watching that. Thanks,
    Kendra. YNWA

  4. so much emotions, so many memories, make me so proud, but also make me sad
    that we lost those sleepless nights. Liverpool belongs to Europe, Liverpool
    born for Champions league. come on! boys! let’s get back to top 4.

  5. Best Video ever

  6. Fantastic my Dad was at many of these games I will show him what you have
    done Brilliant. JBLFCAG. YNWA.

  7. still the worlds greatest side and the wolrds best supporters..

  8. They should be playing this video today in the dressing room. Fuck Zenit

  9. im a chelsea fan, but the videos you make sir are epic

  10. 5 times……..look at that you manc b*** ye may have 19 leagues one ahead
    of us means fuck all!!!!

  11. god that was good

  12. appreciate your work mate! amazing video keep it up!!! ynwa

  13. One of the best vids out there! YNWA

  14. Liverpool Forever ! YNWA <3 !

  15. I had a heart attack in 89′ Gudjohnsen’s chance

  16. what a vid mate..well done..Liverpool 4ever in my heart..YNWA!!!

  17. What a hit son What a hit…

  18. What’s the name of the song? Great vid mate. YNWA

  19. who is this song ?

  20. Wow K that was brilliant.. How were your emotions making this video ?

  21. The Free Kick Set Up is the best i’ve ever SEEN!!!….

  22. @davidgill1978 it’s an honest mistake.

  23. the song is by aerosmith…later used by m&m..

  24. I apologize for the glaring Historical Errors. That’s what happens when you
    work on a video for 8 straight hours. YNWA

  25. 1968 v Brugge??? tut tut tut

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