25 thoughts on “Liverbird challenge: Andy Carroll

  1. @sean19922k7 Either way, its a world cup making it a major trophy, a lot bigger than the league cup.. As I said, enjoy it while you can because it’s only a matter of time 😉

  2. they had the intercontinental cup for a long time between south america and Europe, and when FIFA decided to add other continents in it became the club world cup because it was out of the world. It is still a cup winners cup and most people wouldn’t consider it a major honour.. either way we have still got more major honours than you.. 41-38 or 41-40.. we are still the most successful British football club so you “Do your homework before you come up with such stupid statements” yourself.

  3. No they aren’t the same you idiot? Do your homework before you come up with such stupid statements. Enjoy your 1 trophy lead while you can. We all know within the next 2 years Manchester United will be the most successful British Club. GGMU

  4. Intercontinental cup and club world cup are both the same trophy just under different names.. shows how famous it is when you didn’t even know what it is. It is not considered a major honour because it is a cup winners cup and it is not aired on television, the league cup is a lot more prestigious. When Liverpool played in it, the goal actually fell down on the pitch during the match.

    Either way, Liverpool are still the most successful Brittish club.

  5. Just goes to show how ignorant you are
    Liverpool - 41
    Man Utd – 40
    The Intercontinental cup and Club world Cup are considered Major honours, both a lot bigger than the league cup.. I’m not ashamed to say we are one major trophy behind you. Think of where we were 20 years ago compared to now. Doubled in major trophies

  6. No extra cups. Major honours are in order: Champions league, League title, Uefa Cup, League cup.

    I haven’t just added “all the extra trophies I can throw in” Liverpool have 41, Manchester United have 38, Arsenal on 27 and then Aston Villa on 20.

    But I have not come here to talk about other clubs.

  7. Often? Not lately! What do you consider a major honour? All the extra trophies you can throw in to make sure it looks like you’re better than Man Utd? They’ve passed you out.. You’re not a threat to anyone anymore

  8. we hand out winners medals when we win tropheys, which is quite often considering we are the most successful British football club (in terms of major honours)

  9. Everyone one of these videos is part of an advertisement for our £25,000,000 a YEAR contract with Warrior. Tell me again, who’s a joke club? Raking in 25 million pound every 12 months for wearing clothes doesn’t sound like much of a joke to me, does it? 

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