Liverpool bad performance continues in Champions League

Liverpool went from being only 3 points away from winning the Premier League in the past edition of the English League to sitting in the middle section of the standings and might not be able to progress past the group stages of the Champions League, it’s been a huge twist for Brendan Rodgers and his squad of players that have been struggling so much in this season.

Brendan Rodgers and Mario Balotelli are turning into some of the main targets of criticism for the abysmal season that Liverpool is going through. Rodgers is being questioned for his decision to drop almost his entire main team and just utilize substitute players in Liverpool’s Champions League match against Real Madrid.

Rodgers decided to do this because his squad had to face Chelsea in the Premier League only 4 days later but it hasn’t worked out in any positive way for Liverpool as they lost both matches.

Despite having lost both matches in the Premier League and in the Champions League, Brendan Rodgers stated that he wouldn’t have done anything different.

“It is a difficult moment for us. The changes raised a lot of criticism in the week.I can take that. I made the call.The players have been brilliant in their approach to the games but we the pressure is now on because we didn’t get the results’’

“I wouldn’t have done anything different at all; we just didn’t get the results.This week will be an experience for us and we can use that and go forward.” Liverpool’s Brendan Rodgers said after having lost against Chelsea and Real Madrid.

The reality is that time is ticking down for Brendan Rodgers and if things continue going as they have been in this season, Liverpool will not be able to win any major pieces of silverware in this campaign which is a huge disappointment for a team that went through such a stellar string of performances in the previous season.

It’s not only Mario Balotelli that can be blamed for the abysmal campaign of Liverpool. There are a number of other reasons and factors that have been seriously affecting Liverpool and unless those things are solved, this will be a season to forget for the club at Anfield.

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