Liverpool FC- Return To Europe

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  1. We saw 2 of our best striker we ever had… Torres and Suarez.. But we have
    Sturridge, a younger, faster and loyal red who want to play for us… We
    don’t need a replacement for Suarez.. Sturridge is the replacement of
    Suarez… YNWA mighty reds !

  2. “within my current team i have some fantastic players of true greatness
    playing great football and right now wearing the famous red jersey ”
    Brendan Rodgers is fucking legend. give me the chills when he said that.

  3. Last season… How can something be so brilliantly devastating. We look
    forward though! Great video

  4. Here we come Champions League, we are on our way… Nice clip…

  5. Awesome video, the voice of Brendan Rodgers, Shankly and Dalglish, the
    scenes from the last year and the past years. This video made the season a
    lot more exciting, and I can’t wait really. We’re back! I wonder if you can
    make a LFC – Promo for the Premier League season 2014/2015? Keep up the
    brilliant work. YNWA

  6. any one else see that our squad with out even astart striker can make more
    history in this one, cause I really think we can go far in this one 

  7. Magnificent. 

  8. Really fantastic video .great great job

  9. Excellent video.

  10. We need to find Suarez replacement or we gonna end up in 1st round CL

  11. Were fucking back!

  12. We could buy Balotelli

  13. HERE WE GO!

  14. Chris Orioli Medina 101

    the feels man..

  15. Absolutely awesome! I go past anfield everyday to go to work, I can’t wait
    to go past the ground tomorrow, as I shall be thinking of this amazing
    video! YNWA! 

  16. Those feelings. Lets make some more. #ChampionsLeague 

  17. Wow great video

  18. very good video…love the champions league. cant wait for Wednesday night
    v Real Madrid

  19. this made me go all fuzzy inside

  20. Brilliance yet again 

  21. whats the name of music ?

  22. Great video!

  23. Goosebumps! Come on boys!!!

  24. WHAT A GREAT CLUB!!! Greatings from Germany / Kaiserslautern. We take a
    visit to liverpool in Oktober this year.

  25. Сергей Цекун

    Great, thanks.

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