25 thoughts on “Liverpool FC – Road To Wembley 2012 – FA-Cup Final

  1. You make no sense…Europa league final Bilbao v A Madrid & Bilbao beat Man Utd, Barca & Real Madrid are the 2 best teams in the world never mind La Liga

  2. Barcelona don’t have real competition ! Who is good in the Spanish league ? You can always predict who will win the league … Either Barcelona or Real Madrid ….

  3. Gentlemen please, we’ll see tommorow but i think i know the song that’s going to be heard at the end…..You’ll Never Walk Alone!! COME ON LIVERPOOL! YNWA!

  4. yeah a team that has no history and buys its way to success with russian mafia money and plastic fans which boo minutes silences definatly deserve it over a club that hasn’t won a lot in recent years which has loyal fans that have stuck with them throught the good and the bad…
    bit of a no brainer really

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