25 thoughts on “Liverpool FC – The Road to Recovery 2005 / 2012 – Istanbul to Wembley – by RedsFrenchBranch

  1. I know it’s hard to admit but the club and its directors acted poorly after we won the Champions league, instead of building and getting better players, they acted in an amateur way and we almost lost Stevie! We needed good buys like Chelsea are doing immediately after winning the European Cup (Hazard, Hulk). Still, exciting times now with BR and let’s keep believing and supporting. YNWA

  2. The Liverpool 2009-10 with the piano tune by Stephen Loveday. I think it was from a Liverpool review of the season which was done before - Love it

  3. keep believing, have faith and the glory days will be back at anfield…those who believe in our rich history are destined to witness it again!!! Y.N.W.A

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