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Sunderland v Liverpool | Dalglish on Suarez, Johnson and Martin O’Neill

Liverpool Fan’s Video clip Ranking: four / five


Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has said that he expects Liverpool to improve massively over the next few weeks, although he has said that he has not seen the club perform as poorly as they have been doing in recent weeks.

Liverpool are on a worst run of form, which has not been seen with the Anfield club for more than 53 years. As a result of just one victory in their last seven matches, Liverpool are just hanging on to their eighth position in the table. There is a real chance that clubs like Swansea and Stoke city can overtake Liverpool to the eighth position, thus pushing the Anfield club into the bottom half of the table. Continue reading


Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has become the latest manager in the Premier league to come under intense pressure after his team lost 3-1 to struggling Bolton Wanderers.

Liverpool are coming into the match with a real opportunity to get ahead of Arsenal in the Premier league table because of the fact that Arsenal are up against Manchester United. Continue reading