Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has said that he expects Liverpool to improve massively over the next few weeks, although he has said that he has not seen the club perform as poorly as they have been doing in recent weeks.

Liverpool are on a worst run of form, which has not been seen with the Anfield club for more than 53 years. As a result of just one victory in their last seven matches, Liverpool are just hanging on to their eighth position in the table. There is a real chance that clubs like Swansea and Stoke city can overtake Liverpool to the eighth position, thus pushing the Anfield club into the bottom half of the table.

A lot of criticism has been levelled at manager Kenny Dalglish for his way of handling the team and the various formations that he has chosen. Kenny Dalglish has also been criticised for his way of handling the media during the Luis Suarez racist incident. He has also been criticised for his handling of Andy Carroll and Stewart Downing. Dalglish has not been playing players in their best positions and has been often changing the formations in order to nullify the opposition. This has backfired on more than one occasion.

“We are actually not too pleased with the results ourselves. We are looking at ourselves and asking how we solve these problems. There is nobody here looking for any sympathy and I don’t think they would get any. People are entitled to their opinions but the opinions that count are inside the club. We will get on with our work,” Kenny Dalglish said after the 2-1 defeat suffered at the hands of Wigan Athletic. Liverpool will be facing strugglers Aston Villa during this weekend at Anfield hoping to get three points, which will push them towards a top six finish.

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