Footballers’ car choices reveal varying tastes

They’re among the most highly paid athletes on the planet, but what do some of the world’s best and most famous footballers spend their money on? According to stereotypes, they’re likely to own several properties including a mock Tudor mansion, plenty of expensive gadgets and perhaps a collection of expensive cars to store in their massive garages.

While fans might not be too sure of the first two, this infographic from Autoweb shows that some stars do indeed own expensive vehicles. Many of the 10 players listed own fast, expensive cars, but there are exceptions to the rule. In spite of his status as the world’s best player, Barcelona forward Lionel Messi, his £115,000 Ferrari 360 Spider doesn’t seem so opulent.

Someone even more modest in his choice of vehicle is his former team-mate Thierry Henry. His £60,000 Audi SUV might look glamorous on the streets of New York on his way to training, but compared to the other cars featured, it’s not quite all that. Perhaps he’s chosen comfort over style, taking his advancing years into account!

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