Jurgen Klopp wants his team to remain focused

For the first time in the season of 2016-17, Liverpool has managed to secure the top position after having collected 26 points from the 11 league matches that they have played so far and even though the start of the season for Jurgen Klopp and for his squad has been going so impressive, the German manager has recently come out and told his team to stay focused and continue their recent string of imposing performances that has seen them claiming successive triumphs over: West Bromwich Albion, Crsytal Palace and a very dominating 6-1 victory over Watford.

Even though none of those previously mentioned teams are considered to be the best in England or title contenders, this recent string of successive victories does indeed show that Jurgen Klopp and his men are going through a fine form with an abundance of goals being scored in their latest games.

The 49 year old German manager wants his team to stay cool and continue this form as Jurgen Klopp said: “If somebody thinks being one point ahead after 11 match days is a big sign for the rest of the season then I can’t help this person. We stay cool. It’s the best position I can imagine but nothing else has happened. We knew that Arsenal drew against Tottenham but we didn’t speak one word about the possibility of being top of the table.”

‘’You can play a really good season and you could be fifth or sixth and nobody would be really happy. So, stay cool, take the things like they are, play your best, win games, that’s the only thing we can do’’

The Premier League has not even reached it’s midway point and just as Jurgen Klopp recently said, anything can happen in the rest of the season and their current impressive playing form could start to disappear at any-time and this is why Klopp wants his players to just stay cool.

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