25 thoughts on “Liverpool FC – ‘Walk On’ / 2012 / 720HD

  1. Beautiful Video absolutely amazing the music as well fits in perfectly. its videos like these that make me even more proud to support Liverpool FC thanks to uNiLFC for one of the best 5 mins of my life

  2. Come on, next season , under new management, new kits,and possibly new players, it could be the start of a new era, Liverpool through and through <3 YNWA <3

  3. I’m a Liverpool fan & sure, that was funny. But please, its ‘made’ not ‘maked’. You just make yourself & the rest of us look like idiots with english that bad. Sort it out.

  4. thx kenny for all you’ve done. it’s the right the decision to leave, we love you, we don’t want you to spoil your gr8 reputation may be it’s time to leave football, i look at you at you don’t look happy, a man at ur age should avoid stress, for you, for your health and for the club, thank u for everything youve done

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