25 thoughts on “You’ll Never Walk Alone ~ Anastasia Lee ~ 15 Yr. Old Soprano ~ Liverpool Football Anthem

  1. This is beautiful. Your vocals on this song are absolutely superb. I love the pacing. The video is nice, too. You put just the right amount of drama in this song. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a version of this song that is better. Just excellent, Anastasia. (I have been a longtime subscriber).

  2. Anastasia..
    That Was Absolutely “BEAUTIFUL”..
    That Song Was My Graduation Song!
    I Listened To You Sing It Three Times!
    Your Voice Is “Amazing”..Congradulations Young Lady!!!
    Thanks So Much,.. I Subscribed!..”How Could I Not”… Tony.

  3. Anastasia: Your singing has given me the strength too make it through the real bad time i have been having i thank you keep on singing,love you

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