24 thoughts on “Liverpool FC’s Young Future Talent || Sterling Shelvey Suso HD PART 1

  1. Liverpool pay their players (man city excluded) on a par with any other big teams in the premier league. Secondly, when was the last time there was a direct transfer between man united and Liverpool. In a couple of seasons, with the young talent we possess and Brendan Rogers, we will be challenging again.

  2. Against WBA and Arsenal we were shite admittedly, but we definitely deserved more from the City, Sunderland and United games. Just individual lapses or bad decisions that haven’t gone our way

  3. Very talented young player. But won’t stay at the club long as they cant give him good wages or trophies. I see Man UTD picking this lad up in a couple of seasons…

  4. They are really good but I’m just afraid that they’ll get killed by other defenders and end up injured before really getting started with their career.

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