Liverpool Have Been Able to Handle Pressure, Says Klopp

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp says that the club has finally proved that they can handle the pressure at the top end of the game.

The club has been criticised heavily for being unable to maintain the high standards week in and week out. After having been at a challenging position up until January, the club were in a position of losing the top four places. However, Liverpool are now just one win away from securing Champions League qualification for next season. The club managed a 4-0 win over West Ham in order to open up a four-point advantage over Arsenal, who have a game in hand.

The Reds will be able to finish in the top four with respect to of Arsenal’s results if they managed to win the final game of the season against Middlesbrough. The north-east outfit are already relegated after finishing 19th in the table. However, they have recently showed that they can provide competition after almost snatching an equaliser in the 2-1 loss against Southampton.

Home advantage will be available for Liverpool, who have been able to secure only three wins in the last five league matches. Yet, Klopp is now confident that Liverpool will be able to complete the job and reach the premier European competition next season at the expense of Arsenal.

“Part of our life is to handle pressure, to ignore the bad part of pressure and to use the good part. I thought we did that really well.We drew in the last game [against Southampton], we didn’t score with a penalty and maybe people say then: ‘They can’t deal with pressure.’ But these players did so good this season. We have 73 points – nobody makes that as a present. The boys did and today I thought we saw a convincing performance with no doubts about anything,” said Klopp after the game against West Ham.

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