Mino Raiola reckons Mario Balotelli was humiliated

Mino Raiola reckons Mario Balotelli was humiliated during his last days at Liverpool as he was not considered to be good enough to be given a single pre-season fixture.

Raiola reveals his client was willing for a fixture as he could not be properly prepared for the season just by training and he had told that to his boss, but, Klopp turned a deaf ear towards him which was a sign of lack of respect.

Raiola, however, denies that he would never like to talk to Klopp about the transfer of his other clients.

The Italy native believes that he doesn’t have to contact any manager for any kind of business. It’s the managers who would come to him if they have an interest in his clients and he would not be reluctant to take the call of Klopp if it comes at any point, but, if Klopp himself shows reluctance to speak to him, he can’t do anything and will just make his clients aware of that and will suggest them to hire a different agent to get the deal done.

As per Raiola, he would not want a client of his to lose a good deal because of his relationship with the manager of that club, but, he can’t keep himself silent if he feels that somebody has not been fair in his work because he respects his principles and doesn’t care about his gains when it comes to his principles. He is not among those who don’t mind getting on their knees if that gets them some kind of profit.

Refusing to take the blames seriously, Klopp says there are no restrictions on speaking in this world, but, nobody at Liverpool is left on his own and everybody is taken care of.

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