24 thoughts on “MONSTER | Luis Suarez | Liverpool FC

  1. wrong, as always.. you arn’t the most successful club in britain..man u are.. And it’s not about the past, it’s about the future.. and trust me with the players you have you are going nowhere for a loong time.. constant finishes of 6th, 7th maybe even 5th. Fact is you are now the second best club in merseyside.. soak it in.

  2. ye mate i’ll just sit here with my 2 champions league tickets from 05,07. and looking foward to goin the match again when the season starts. who is it u support again? probably a man utd chelsea fan. an if u are why are u even on this video?? its about a great player for Liverpool FC – The most successful club in britain and only Real Madrid and AC milan have more European cups then us. 3rd most prestigious club in the world. jog on u tool

  3. so called racist footballer is also (rugby player 3:27) (bully 2:43) (world class 4:11) (dancer 4:36)

  4. Racism is bad in england, yes don’t get me wrong.. but no where near as bad as spain.. constant bannana throwing when spain play england in matches, monkey chanting, that will never happen in england.

  5. Iv seen it.i worked in Birmingham,London,Blackpool and Manchester and the racism towards every skin colour i saw on a daily basis was appawling,funny thing was i knew some of the people that were shouting the abuse and in my opinion werent too bad of people.it isnt a critisism,it just is what it is

  6. look, it’s obvious that your aim is to annoy people! well done, you did fantastic! now i’m done with you and this conversation. i bid you good day

  7. calling suarez a racist without knowing anything about him outside football is simply parochial! you must be running out of arguments since you have started to deliver personal insults instead of anything relevant to the discussion. click on the youtube search bar and search luis suarez south africa documentary

  8. what the fuck are u talking about you maggot.the most racist people i’ve ever met are the english.that isnt a dig,iv lots of british friends and some family but to say that spain and russia are the ”worst” is nonsensical

  9. look im as big of liverpool fan as the next man and i love suarez but for me he needs to score a LOT more goals,contribute to general play more and stop fucking whinging and diving.if he did al that i think you’re looking at one of the top 3 or 4 forwards on the planet.jst my opinion of course

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