25 thoughts on “Origi, Markovic – Welcome to Liverpool FC! Analysis & Reaction to Transfers Vlog

  1. Rodgers knows what he’s doing? he buys 5 attacking players and no defenders
    which he badly needs, Agger is on his way out and he was Liverpool’s best
    defender Liverpool are going to concede 505 goals the way this is going.

  2. Why is everyone so exicited over Origi? I have a feeling he’s gonna flop.
    Sure he has a good WC campaign with Belgium but he’s shite with LOSC. BR
    doesn’t know what he is doing. Why the fuck he needs so many attacking

  3. It’s worrying me a little bit that we’re not signing any defenders we have
    enough attackers now i would like to see a centre back and a full back join
    the club 

  4. Im sad that markovic is leaving benfica because theyre the team i suport
    but atleast hes going to my 2nd favorite club LIVERPOOL and Tom you only
    say that markovic is not world class yet because you havent seen him play
    for benfica but the kid can absolutly run past defenses just by running by
    them like messi does , of course hes not a messi but hes scored an amazing
    amount of world class goals you really should watch a video of his best
    goals because he his insane

  5. This is a sign that we’re getting ready for the champions league this also
    means that we are getting closer to the sad leaving Luis Suarez but Rodgers
    says he will let Luis go for £80m plus Sanchez we need a player like

  6. Rodgers knows what he’s doing with these signings, all a young age building
    for the future but I do think that Origi is a gamble I don’t rate him
    highly at all, only thing he has do w is score a goal for 8-9 yards as a
    sub for Belgium 

  7. Tom you are a great youtuber keep up the vids i love you vlogs and also im
    a liverpool fan so when a video comes out i get excited to watch it keep up
    the good work 🙂 your awsome

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