Torres maintains love for Liverpool

Even though Fernando Torres left on a somewhat sour note in 2011, the player has still revealed that he holds Liverpool in the highest regard. The Chelsea striker has recently revealed how he didn’t feel part of the Blues at one point and he has now gone on to state that he owes a lot to the Reds for his four year stint on Merseyside.

Torres is still classed as one of the most dangerous strikers that have played for the Reds in recent history, although many supporters are still bitter at the way he left the club in 2011. It was reported that he was attempting to force the club’s hand as his £50m move to Chelsea progressed, although he has also indicated that there was more than meets the eye in relation to his exit and fans should wait for the full truth to come out one day.

As well as hinting that his departure may not have been completely his own doing, the Spaniard says that Liverpool will always have a place in his heart. Speaking to the media, the 28-year-old said, “When I heard about Hillsborough I got excited, as I have known a lot of people who lived that, who cried with that … somehow, I made it mine. I owe very much to Liverpool, their fans, Benitez … Liverpool is a big part of my life. I know I’m not well-considered now but I’m sure that will change in the future. Finally, I decided to leave because it was a step in my career. It was not the best way of leaving but it was not the way they sold it. Someday people will know the truth.”

Most people firmly believe that Torres played his best football during his time at Liverpool and while his record did dwindle towards the latter stages of his time at the club, the fact he scored 81 times shows what a force he was in his prime.

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