Betting on Liverpool

Although the Fenway Sports Group, which owns Liverpool, has indicated that it sees Brendan Rodgers as a long-term appointment – without success there is arguably no such thing in modern football.

Thus next season could prove make or break for the Northern Irishman at Anfield, especially if he is given funds to improve the team during the close season. Reds fans dream of the side mounting a real challenge for the title, but what odds do the bookmakers give for them doing this – and would it be wise to put bets on them for this or anything else next season?

The odds on Liverpool winning next season’s Premier League are either 33 or 28/1 at most bookmakers, and they could tempt some football betting fans as a realistic outsider bet. Clearly other sides are rated much firmer favourites, but there have been significant changes at sides like United and City, leaving their fortunes a bit more uncertain in the upcoming season.

Those wanting a less risky bet will probably prefer to gamble on the Reds for a top four finish – which they are clearly targeting – and you can get odds of just 2/1 on them for this. These are low odds, but Liverpool are just one of several sides who could realistically claim these places, and a less risky bet still might be to play online casino football slots.

There seem to be more of these slots games appearing all the time, such as Game On, a football slot featuring animals competing against one another in matches – while a commentator inspired by the great John Motson describes the action to the sounds of cheering crowds.

Many of these modern football slots feature the same kinds of inventive graphics and audio effects utilised by Game On mean that you can now play them on your phone at any time and any place – including half time at actual football matches. All this is bringing these games to more football fans than ever before, making this the ideal time to give one of them a spin.

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