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Rodgers Has No Intention Of Changing Club’s Style

Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers has stated that he has no intention of changing the style of football employed at the club since he came in 2012. Liverpool have been playing a brand of football that has been very easy on the eye. The high pressing style led Liverpool to within touching distance of the Premier league title last season. However, it was also one of the reasons for their failure after they could not close games especially against Crystal Palace. The 3-3 draw showed the inept defending from Liverpool for most of the season.

Hence, there has been a suggestion that the club would adopt a pragmatic approach in the upcoming campaign in order to win more trophies – especially the Premier league. Rodgers, who has been given significant transfer funds to spend in the summer, says that there will be no alterations of the playing style despite the failure to win a major trophy in the last three years. Liverpool came close to beating Chelsea’s record of 103 goals in a single Premier league campaign. They finished the season with 101 to their name, but the record was very poor in terms of goals conceded.

Liverpool have already brought in Ricky Lambert from Southampton to add a new dimension to their football.

“What has been interesting is people talking about me moving away from some of the principles and ideas that I’ve always worked with. It couldn’t be further from the truth. As time has gone on, we’ve added penetration – it’s much better. We’re much quicker with our passing, the speed of our game is better and obviously we’ve got quality at the top end of the field. Players are now flooding forward looking to score goals, as opposed to the idea of just keeping the ball,” said the Liverpool manager.

Win One, Take One. – Episode 18 [vs Man City/Liverpool] – Football Manager 2014

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Liverpool Proud Of A Great Season

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has stated that the club can be proud of a great campaign irrespective of what happens at Manchester City on Sunday. The club came close to winning the first Premier league title in their history. However, two matches without a win in the last two weeks have proven to be a catastrophic outcome of the club. Prior to the defeat against Chelsea at Anfield, Liverpool went into every match knowing that destiny washing their hands. The 2-0 defeat against Chelsea changed the total outcome.

They suffered a 3-3 draw against Crystal Palace on Monday night – a result that effectively ended their title hopes. Liverpool looked certain to take the title race to the last day of the season but they threw a three-goal lead in the space of nine minutes to finish the season empty-handed. City will now be able to win the title if they get at least a point against West Ham on the final day of the season. After having come so close, Rodgers was understandably a very disappointed man after the final whistle against Crystal Palace.

Ahead of the weekend’s match with Newcastle, he said that the club can be proud of their achievements this season even if they do not win the title.

“It’s certainly not over. But we can only concentrate on our job. We have to win the game. West Ham have some talented players. If you can go to Tottenham and win 3-0, you can certainly go to Manchester City and win. They’ve got the likes of Big Andy (Carroll), and they have a good defensive record, with something like 14 clean sheets this season. They are difficult to play against. The expectancy is, without disrespecting anyone, that Man City will win,” said the former Swansea manager, who is set to sign a new contract with the club.

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Liverpool FC Team Bus arrives at Anfield 26/3/2014

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