25 thoughts on “Liverpool FC Sign Moroccan Winger Oussama Assaidi!

  1. lmao @ Assaidi being the best dutch winger for 3 straight season? are you out of your fucking mind? He was arguably the best winger last season but nobody heard or cared about Assaidi before that.

  2. I agree with the comment how ever i think personally Assaidi is much more ‘available in’ than Di Maria who is a little shy in his game. Oussama is very humble as a person but is very aggressive (talking about his attacking abilities) in his foot-ballistic approach. Always rushing his opponents on both ends (defense & offense). He’s also unselfish and makes his teammates definitely better by making passes always at the right times. He can shoot and pass with both feet. Just support, he’ll shine!

  3. Well what can I say He is by far the best winger in the dutch leaugue for 3 years now.
    I think that he will shock people by his skills.
    He has a style that is really unique maybe you can compare him with the style of Di Maria from Real Madrid. Liverpool has made a good deal they are now better of with Assaidi the Sahin thats for sure. I would wish all LFC fans good luck and much entertainment by Oussama

  4. watched a dutch football program and the compared his style of playing to ribery, and thats exactly what kind of player he is, if he fits in to the team and can adapt to the english style, liverpool fans ur in for a treat!

  5. JBL, im moroccan n was watching the game morocco-algeria. Taraabt was supposed to play but was bitching about a starting role and was denied that so he left the same day and didnt play.and his replacement was just ASSAIDI. i NEVER saw him before this game, he came on like a computergeek with his shorts way to high. BUT as soon as he touched the ball med my dad n my cousin were amazed, we was like WHO THE HELL IS THIS! he totally demolished the algerian defence

  6. I’ve heard some good things about Assaidi despite the fact I’ve never seen him before. Whether he makes the transition from the Eredivisie to the Premier League is a different question though. Still, for his price tag he won’t be under the pressure that other Liverpool players were under.

    A smart move, seems like Liverpool can’t really lose with this transfer.

  7. Liverpool did a great job to sign this fantastic magician and that for just 3.000.000 pounds! I am quite sure that he’s market value will be tripled at least, in a short period. He should make a lot of minutes but i think he will. Congrats to Liverpool wich did fail to sign Ibrahim Afellay (Barcelona), but u cannot name Assaidi a second option.
    JLB, you are going to love him!

  8. Oussama Assaidi is a perfect talent. He is not the winger that runs away from a defender but
    confronts the defender. About his skills i recommend to watch his interview-video’s wich were given by dutch journalists in his neighbourhood Ámserdam east, were he used to play on the streets. He often played that time against the living legend K-1 kickboxer Badr Hari, also a dutch morrocan. I can say as a dutch morrocan that im realy proud to see Assaidi made a big step.

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