Liverpool FC have two birthdays.

They do not celebrate it though due to their history. The club started far back in 1892, meaning the club is 125 years in 2017. However Liverpool are not celebrating their birthday due to their complicated split from Everton.

The club was originally called “Everton Football Club and Athletic Ground Company Limited” was incorporated at Companies House January 26 1892. Though the club was incorporated they did not become “Liverpool FC” until June 3, 1892 as there were two Everton football clubs at the Merseyside.

The president of Everton then John Houlding and the owner of Anfield had a row with a group of directors at Everton over the rent he was charging the club. There was just one Everton FC. The disgruntled directors resolved to move to a new stadium at Goodison with the vice president William Barclay resigning his role in protest in the absence of Houlding.

Houlding also registered a company like the other camp with the same name. However, he was ousted and he formed the new title of the club in June but the company registration date did not change. In a bid to save time Houlding did an official change of name with the earlier incorporation documents.

This means Liverpool official birthday is June 3 but their incorporation remained January 26. The club does not celebrate it but Liverpool could very much be born in January. The Liverpool team of today has grown to be a relevant force in today’s club football. The club has had problems with getting results of late but they remain one of the biggest football clubs anywhere in the world.

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