24 thoughts on “Brendan Rodgers meets the press

  1. I can see something in his eyes i haven’t seen since Benitéz.. With all due respect to Kenny and Roy, i think Liverpool need a young and talentful manager, who hasn’t experienced that much yet, and if you can bring Swansea to be a great side in the PL, you ARE a great manager. I’m optimistic!

  2. liverpool havent been down in the lower divisions since the 1950`s unlike city and united, united went down in the 70`s and city have been as low as the 3rd tier of english football quite recently. 8th is the lowest liverpool have finished in the top flight in 50 years, that`s unbelievable consistency. in a competative footballing country like england a lot of teams would be proud just to be in the top flight for 50 consecutive years never mind finish no lower than 8th in all that time.

  3. @karlosnod
    Swansea were the best team in league 1?
    They were top 5 in the championship?
    And then in the PL they were of the worst 2 teams?
    BR was the reason not past managers, plus liverpool is a top 5 club which will help him

  4. i just read a comment saying Swansea city played good football under Brendan Rodgers. Swansea have played good football when Brendan was a the job centre 3 years ago. martinez and graeme jones made Swansea what they are, all Brendan did is brought is contacts from Chelsea. he didn’t change anything think about it what manager didn’t do well at Swansea even puola sousa did well there. there is a lot of work to do at Liverpool but to make Liverpool play like Swansea is a big ask.

  5. Have a real good feeling about Brendan. You just have to look at the calbre of players/ex players/coachs etc the respect him highly to understand the quality of manager we now have. Good look Brendan and can’t wait for the season to start

  6. I think at last they have a smart appointment, someone with some brains and a grasp of football management. best of luck to you, Brendan.

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